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    By taking advantage of the technological expertise established by its successful laptop computer keyboard business as well as its one-stop integrated production process, Sunrex has successfully extended its advantages via vertical integration onto desktop computer keyboards/mice. Sunrex’s rich OEM experience and expertise gives it the ability to produce a wide variety of products, including devices ranging from early-stage traditional desktop computers to today’s widely popular AIO peripheral products. Sunrex’s desktop computer peripheral products cover a wide range of areas, including the most popular omni-regional wired/wireless keyboard and mouse, the HTPC multimedia keyboard, the leather casing keyboard for tablet computers, touch controlled keyboards, gaming keyboards and mice, and even 3D Air keyboards and mice, which are all part of Sunrex’s diverse product line.

    Sunrex provides a full set of solutions for customers to select from, giving them the freedom to select the solutions that best match their product positioning. In addition to the components already available on the market, Sunrex also periodically introduces new applications each quarter for its customers to select from, providing the newest technologies for the customer’s products, and thereby differentiating itself from other market competitors.

    Besides providing OEM services, each year Sunrex integrates its R&D resources and independently introduces innovative new products, significantly reducing its customer’s development costs. In recent years, the new products introduced by Sunrex have not only won critical acclaim, but have also been widely adopted in the market. In 2010, Sunrex even won the Design & Innovation Award at Computex 2010 for its highly innovative mini multimedia keyboard design.