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    As the global leader in laptop computer keyboard production, Sunrex provides customers with a full size-range complete solution. From small handheld PDA’s to large laptop computers, Sunrex’s professional design team is always able to assist customers with meeting their design requirements using Sunrex’s large portfolio of patents and exclusive technologies. The scissor-shaped architecture is currently the mainstream design element for modern keyboards. Sunrex has been independently developing scissor architectures since the 90’s, and has successfully obtained patents for its designs. Through our continuous accumulation of R&D experience, we have been able to continue to innovate year after year, resulting in products that can withstand more than 10 million key presses and provide exceptional feel, allowing mobile device keyboards to deliver unprecedented user experiences.

    Through many years of cooperative experiences with the top 10 global PC brands as well as various ODM’s, Sunrex’s R&D team periodically develops various types of keyboards for a wide range of customers. The team continuously improves its designs in terms appearance, functionality, and structure, can in the end can always create products that are mass production-ready and meet all customer expectations. Sunrex always upholds a professional attitude and is committed to providing the shortest design and development cycles, the fastest verification and testing services, and achieving mass production and product delivery in the shortest amount of time possible.