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  • Social Responsibility

    Sunrex has always upheld the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) spirit (efficiency, fairness, and kindness) in managing and operating our business, strengthening our corporate governance, and fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities. Sunrex has long been engaged in the automation transformation of its production lines and has successfully completed efforts for improving its green processes, producing products that society needs as well as profits using the most effective methods.

    At Sunrex, we:

    1. Provide positive support for employees who participate in environmental protection, community participation, and social contribution activities. We also act in accordance with relative rules and regulations, fulfilling our social responsibilities through a strong sense of corporate citizenship.
    2. Are committed to increasing the utilization efficiency of various resources and to using recycled materials that have a low impact on the environment. We always properly categorize our corporate and industrial waste for proper accumulation, and further contract organizations certified by the government for its proper processing and removal.
    3. Abide by international environmental protection standards and develop products that are green, environmentally friendly, fire resistant, flame retardant, low smoke, non-toxic, and compliant with European Union RoHS restrictions and regulations.
    4. Actively encourage employees to participate in community activities and to contribute back to the community by participating in the Benefits Committee’s charitable events.
    5. Participate in charitable and public service events held by various different groups, actively helping with the cleaning of the community environment and erecting street lights and street signs.


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