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    Green Products

    As the market leader in laptop computer keyboard manufacturing, Sunrex not only thinks about how to expand its production, but also is sensitive to the environmental issues that arise as a result of its expansion, and is constantly finding ways to minimize the impact its products have on the environment. In recent years, core markets in North America, the European Union, and Japan have passed a great deal of legislation to strictly regulate the type of materials that can be used in consumer products, in hopes of providing consumers with an environment that is safe and free of hazardous materials. In response to this sentiment, Sunrex very early on began to follow in the footsteps of its brand name customers, gradually introducing green product lines. Sunrex implements strict process controls, beginning from design and R&D, all the way down to the procurement of terminal components, realizing the requirements for green products. In addition to ensuring that its products are non-toxic and lead-free, Sunrex has also implemented a green policy of increasing product recycle rates to decrease the amount of non-degradable waste and the damage it does to our environment.

    All of Sunrex’s raw materials providers must go through periodic SQE audits annually, during which hazardous substance control is an important audit item. Every piece of raw material shipped to Sunrex must include a certification report provided by a third party inspection organization. Only when the raw materials have been verified as completely safe will Sunrex use the materials. Vendors that do not meet requirements must improve within a specified amount of time and will need to pass the review mechanism before being allowed to reinstate material deliveries.

    Sunrex started following in the footsteps of its brand name customers and began introducing lead-free products many years ago, ensuring that consumers do not in any way come into contact with poisonous substances by purchasing its products. Furthermore, in July of 2006 when the European Union began fully implementing its RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive, Sunrex immediately made all products produced from its factories RoHS compliant. Sunrex uses the strict IQC system to strengthen its control of materials, blocking out any potentially risky raw materials. In recent years, in response to the global rising of environmental protection sentiment and to comply with customers’ environmental protection policies, Sunrex has actively introduced the even more stringent BFR/PVC /Halogen free product standard, further protecting the health of consumers and creating truly non-toxic, non-hazardous green products.

    Factory Design:

    The spaces in between production cars are designed and built using high-ceiling floor slabs with special emphasis on ventilation/air flow functionality. Therefore, with certain exceptions, the effect of room temperature reduction can be achieved without relying on any fans or air conditioning. Plant spaces and reception areas all use large windows or French windows, allowing sunlight to penetrate freely, thereby reducing the amount of illumination equipment used and reducing the consumption of electrical power.

    Control of Energy Consumption:

    The air conditioning in our offices and in the spaces between production cars are provided using systems that are equipped with timing functions, temperature setting capabilities, and location-based management. In addition to only providing air conditioning during business hours, the systems switch to either fan ventilation mode or turn off altogether whenever the ambient temperature reaches 26 degrees. Furthermore, the locations of the air conditioning equipment as well as their air outlets have also been designed professionally, allowing overall temperature reduction in a minimal amount of time. The assembly line and test equipment are only turned on during production. When the operating personnel leave for the night, they will always shut off the power to all equipment and illumination devices according to SOP, thereby avoiding unnecessary waste.

    Energy Saving Consumables:

    Factory consumable items such as illumination equipment are as much as possible purchased based on energy conservation capabilities. We have factories that are already gradually replacing old-fashioned light tubes with power-saving LED light tubes, not only significantly increasing illumination brightness, but at the same time reducing the plant’s electrical load. Furthermore, the long-lasting characteristic of LED’s will reduce the speed of illumination equipment replacement, truly achieving the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection.

    Recycling of Materials:

    For the left-over/waste materials produced during production, Sunrex implements comprehensive management and control policies, ensuring that all materials are recycled and reused, thereby reducing the impact on the environment. For left-over plastic materials, the production division will collect the left-over materials that are reusable, re-granulize them, and then use them as raw material for the testing of non-mass production products. For the remaining electronic and metal consumables that cannot be recycled and reproduced in the factory, we contract professional vendors to perform waste materials processing, thereby achieving our goal of zero pollution.

    Saving Paper by Digitizing Corporate Operations:

    Sunrex has invested heavily in the comprehensive digitization of its operations, allowing all document exchange, file archiving, and information communication to take place very quickly using its ERP system, and also saving the company a significant amount of operating expense by eliminating the need for excessive copying and use of paper.