Sunrex Technology Co., Ltd.
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    Sunrex Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975 and officially listed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1999. It is currently the world’s largest laptop computer keyboard manufacturer. Since its very inception, Sunrex has strived to provide the highest quality products and the most exceptional service. It has since then not only created high-value products for its customers, but has also ushered itself toward gradually becoming the industry leader.

    Sunrex has a huge production team with a wealth of production experience as well as flexible capacity planning, allowing Sunrex to provide stable production quantities that meet customer requirements even under the pressure of continuous year-over-year laptop computer sales growth. In addition, Sunrex continues to invest heavily in R&D resources each year, continuously conducting research and implementing new technologies / applications, thereby proactively helping its customers achieve new product innovations, showing its capabilities as an ODM as well as an OEM services provider. Sunrex’s long-renowned vertical integration capabilities provide customers with a one-stop-shop for the services that they need, from mold design, to spraying, to SMT and assembly, all steps of the production process can be completed independently in Sunrex’s factories. In the face of the trend of shortening development cycles for electronic products, Sunrex has successfully established a strong industry-leading position for itself in the industry by fully taking advantage of the time and cost advantages obtained through its vertical integration capabilities.

    In addition to keyboards for laptop computers, Sunrex also engages in the research and development of various HID’s (Human Interface Devices), including keyboards/mice for desktop computers, writing tablets, and presentation devices. Sunrex has also successfully obtained the trust of various large brand names by establishing strong and stable production power as well as advanced technological capabilities. Sunrex has also been involved in the production of tablet computers and AIO-related peripheral products, providing consumers with an excellent user experience of high-quality at a low cost. In recent years, Sunrex has been investing in the R&D of other consumer electronics products in hopes of creating another industry peak following its success with laptop computer keyboards. Sunrex maintains technological R&D/marketing/management centers in Taiwan to lead and manage its production facilities that are strategically distributed all over Mainland China, providing high-quality products with precise on-time shipping and delivery to all corners of the world. Since Sunrex’s inception, the professional management team led by Chairman Huo-Lu Tsai has continuously created high sales and profitability for Sunrex Technology Corp. Even in the global financial crisis of 2009, Sunrex’s revenues still grew by 44.7%. Looking towards the future, Sunrex will continue to focus on its core business, providing customers with high-quality, high value-added products. It will also take advantage of the resources available in the Sunrex Group to develop even more peripheral products to allow Sunrex to further extend its past success into the consumer electronics industry and continue to lead and shine in the next 10 years.