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Advantages of vertical integration

Sunrex’s renowned vertical integration practices effectively integrate each and every key process from top-to-bottom. Through tight production processes and professional production teams, Sunrex continuously creates absolute advantages for its customers and boosts their competitiveness. This has also allowed Sunrex to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Sunrex is always able to meet customer goals through a tightly linked chain of production procedures - from mold development, to injection, to spraying, to printing, to SMT, and to finished/half-finished product assembly. Furthermore, Sunrex not only provides customers with the confidentiality customers need for product development, it also quickly and efficiently benefits its customers in terms of cost control, schedule control, and delivery schedule planning.

In-House Tooling Shop

Mold design, electric discharge machining (EDM), and mold finishing


Injection Shop

Plastic injection is one of Sunrex’s important assets, and is also an area where Sunrex maintains a significant technological advantage. All of Sunrex’s factories have injection equipment of various sizes that are capable of performing injection for products ranging from precision components to machine chasses, providing customers with extremely flexible options and fully meeting their production needs.


In-House Membrane Fabrication

Membranes are a key component for membrane keyboards. Sunrex has a membrane production division which, in addition to maintaining a firm grasp on key technologies, allows Sunrex to avoid problems pertaining to production quantity insufficiencies with outsourced contractors.


Painting & Printing Shop

Sunrex’s spraying facilities have complete spray painting, coating, and printing equipment, providing the ability to complete even the most complex spraying and printing processes independently in-house.




Assembly Lines

Sunrex’s assembly lines are composed of well-trained employees, with detailed SOP’s provided to each work station to aid the assembly line personnel in completing their assembly tasks. Each line also has one to two quality inspection work stations to ensure the production quality is maintained at an optimal level.